Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions




Pupillary distance ( p.d. )

This is the distance between the centre of the two pupils of the eyes in millimetres. ( the distance between the middle of the right and the middle of the left pupils )


If you are purchasing spectacles from us, we will measure your p.d. free of charge if you are able to visit us. If not try using the technique below ( you will need a ruler showing millimetres ) :


Look into a mirror. Hold the ruler horizontally against your forehead, crossing over the bridge of your nose, so that when you look in the mirror you are able to see the millimetre scale on the ruler close to your eyes.


Now line up the end of the ruler ( 0mm ) with the middle of your right pupil. Close your left eye whilst you do this. Now close your right eye and without moving the ruler at all, look with your left eye at the reflection of the centre of the left pupil and take the reading. This will give you the distance in millimetres between the centre of the two pupils.


It is a good idea to check the reading several times for consistency. Always close or cover the eye that you are not lining up because this keeps the eyes in the straight ahead postion and makes the reading much more accurate. For ladies the reading is often 61 mm ( plus or minus 5mm ) and for men it is often around 64mm ( plus or minus 5mm ) .


If you have a problem we can use an average pd reading. As the power of the prescription gets stronger the accuracy of the pd becomes more important.



I am not sure how to enter my prescription using your online form

Please phone us for help, or scan a copy of your prescription and e-mail it to us.


Can I order varifocal or bifocal glasses from you online ?

these lenses need extra measurements in order to align them accurately in relation to your pupils so unfortunately you cannot order them from us online. However, if you are able to visit our practice we would be delighted to supply them for you.


Is it safe to pay online for my spectacles

Yes, we take security very seriously. Our payment page is via an industry leading secure server with all credit and debit card details encrypted.


Can I pay for my spectacles over the phone

For security and credit card compliance we can only take your payment online or in store not over the phone.


Can I pay with pay pal or by cheque

We accept payment by the major credit and debit cards but not by cheque or paypal


N.H.S. vouchers.

We accept these with pleasure, but only in the practice. These cannot be used in conjunction with online purchases.



Frame only purchases:

please return the frame within 10 days of our despatch. Frame(s) must be as new. We will give a full refund less 15% restocking fee which covers our postage, packing and administration costs.


Frame and lenses purchases:

Once the lenses have been glazed into the frame they cannot be re-used, so unfortunately we cannot offer a refund in this case unless the frame or lenses are faulty in which case we will either replace or refund.

Returns postage and taxes.

You are responsible for returns postage costs.

For international orders, you are responsible for all shipping costs and any duty and / or taxes applied by customs



For full returns policy please see our ‘ terms and condition ’ section.



We want you to be entirely satisfied with our products and service. If for any reason you have a problem please let us know and we will try to help.



Whilst we aim to despatch orders as soon as possible, all frame and lens orders are made to individual specifications and then checked. This process can take up to two weeks, but in most cases it is often much less.   ( please see our ‘terms and conditions’ section for more details ).