Land Rover Edric

Versatile by design, the dynamic combination of a 360-degree hinge and sporty rectangular eyeshape makes Edric the perfect frame for wearers looking for adventure. The hand-polished finish to the bio-acetate upscales the design creating a stand-out model.
  • Material: Bio-acetate
  • Rectangular eyeshape
  • NVY is a polished navy striation with navy crystal temples
  • Subtle Land Rover branding can be found laser-etched onto the temples
  • 360-degree flex hinge
  • Biodegradable demo lenses
WHAT IS BIO-BASED ACETATE? An eco-friendly and certified biodegradable alternative to traditional plastics, bio-acetate is formulated with natural, non-toxic, plasticisers and either a base of cotton or wood pulp fibres. Offering similar performance characteristics to conventional plastics, bio-acetates do not pose such a long-term toxic and physical hazard for land or sea life.

Land Rover Edric

Land Rover

  • £109.00

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